PDR lights

All lights work on LED technologie and are prepared for 12 volt 

LED PDR LIGHT compact cwc 70cm light shield


LED PDR LIGHT compact with cold warm cold led light 70 cm light and very handy stand ..
€ 595.00
LED PDR worklight cwc

LED PDR worklig...

LED PDR worklight in white yellow white with dimmer and voltmeter stand is black ..
€ 629.95
Maxmaster haillight

Maxmaster haill...

Maksmaster extra wide light in wcwcwc 6 strip all seperate switches with dimmer with stand ..
€ 699.00
Maxmaster L 6LED strip

Maxmaster L 6LE...

Maxmaster L 1330mm long 300mm widht end 60mm deep with 6 LED strips 3 white 3 yellow  incl. the..
€ 499.00
Maxmaster L haillight 6 LED strip with stand

Maxmaster L hai...

Maxmaster L haillight 6 LED strip 3 white 3 yellow ..
€ 729.95
Maxmaster light 6 led strip

Maxmaster light...

Maxmaster light 6 led strip in wcwcwc with dimmer LIGHT ONLY no stand ..
€ 475.00
Lamp DNE PRO Black met voltmeter-dimmer

Lamp DNE PRO Bl...

€ 629.95
Minilamp voor diepe deuken met magneet

Minilamp voor d...

€ 24.95
Smal Light CWC

Smal Light CWC

€ 264.95